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Students Recruiting

Background and Mission

As one of the seven universities sponsored by the Ministry of Education (MOE), the NSYSU College of Management, in accordance with the Business Management Pilot Project hosted MOE, takes great pride in its IBMBA learning environment and curriculum design. The college targets prospective students with two years of work experience, with a goal of producing leaders of management in diverse areas.

The Program aims to train culturally intelligent leaders equipped with a global vision, with the professional knowledge required by global corporations, and with the ability to solve real-life business problems. This English-taught program provides students with an academically and culturally diverse learning experience through first-rate instructions, excellent studentship and overseas exchange programs.

International Education in Management
The essential objective of management education lies beyond the mere transfer of management knowledge. An AACSB report indicates the most sought employees by corporations are those with communication and problem-solving skills, ethics, professionalism and a global vision. Thus, those attributes are incorporated in educational institutions under the AACSB accreditation umbrella. Aligned with the trend, this stipulates (1) Ethics, (2) Communication, (3) Problem-solving, (4) Professionalism and (5) a Global View as the five common learning goals for our students in 2008. The curriculum design, teaching approach and evaluation are shaped by such learning goals. The result of such learning objectives are graduation classes of strongly sought candidates in the global corporate marketplace.