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International Students

IBMBA Admission Information of International Students

Targeting Applicants: International students
Online Application: Click Here

Application Period: January 15th, 2018~March 31st, 2018
Study Duration: 2 years full-time (up to 4 years)
Admission Quota: 25
Scholarships: Link (applicants shall apply for NSYSU scholarship along with their admission applications)

Admission Schedule


Application Process


Online application service opens for Fall 2017


Application Review

By 2018-06-15

Notification of Admission Result

Before 2018-06-30

Enrollment Confirmation

From 2018-07-01

Notification for waiting list

Before 2018-07-31

Enrollment Confirmation for waiting list

Required Documents:

·   All applicants must hold a Bachelor degree with outstanding performance from universities approved by ROC authority.

·   Certification of language proficiency: all applicants must be able to speak, comprehend, and write fluently in English. For applicants whose degrees are from non-English speaking countries, TOEFL or IELTS score must be submitted to demonstrate the English proficiency.

·   Statement of Purpose (including a research plan)

·   CV/ Resume

·   Two (and maximum of two) recommendation letter (sealed and signed)

·   Official statement with a conversion table on percentile score and letter score (A, B, C) and applicant’s GPA (if not displayed on applicant’s transcript), issued by the institution where applicant obtained his/her Bachelor’s degree.

·   Any other favorable supporting documents, for example GMAT or GRE score.

·   Interviews will be conducted if necessary.

All the above documents should be written in English and mailed by post to the Office of International Affairs, National Sun Yat-sen University before the deadline (those with incomplete documents will not be reviewed by the Admission Committee)


The IBMBA program is dedicated to provide high-quality international education environment to prospective students. It has the following specific goals:

·   To teach students theory and methodology of contemporary management to prepare them for management responsibility in a global business environment.

·   To provide students with new perspectives on management concepts in the Greater China markets and abilities to face the challenges and take opportunities in the changing dynamic business environment.

·   To enhance the problem-solving and decision-making capabilities of students and increase the advantages in their future career.

·   With a balanced emphasis on theory and practice, the program is designed to enhance the participants’ analytical and strategic thinking and expose them to the best management practices.

Graduation Requirements

  1. Completion of all course credit hours with a minimum cumulative average grade of 70.00 (including), on the 100 point scale;
  2. Master’s thesis and oral defense (with approval by the thesis committee);
  3. Those who fail to pass the first oral defense are given a second attempt. Second failure will result in mandatory removal from the program

International Exchange

IBMBA students may be eligible to apply for the International Exchange Program. Credits earned from exchange studies can be transferred and counted toward graduation. Students should follow regulations for exchange programs.

Maintenance /Tuition Fees

For First and Second-year IBMBA International Students
Tuition: 63,560 NTD / per semester (including Miscellaneous Fee & Credit Fee)
Others: Taiwan Health Insurance Fee

For Third-year (and above) IBMBA International Students

  1. Taking 10 or more credits per semester:
    • Tuition: 54,140 NTD / per semester (including Miscellaneous Fee & Credit Fee)
    • Others: Taiwan Health Insurance Fee
  2. Taking less than 10 credits per semester:
    • Tuition: 22,740 NTD / per semester (including Miscellaneous Fee)
    • Credit Fee: 3,140 / per credit
    • Others: Taiwan Health Insurance Fee

*Note: All the application information are subject to changes on the OIA website.